29th March 2009
Here’s hoping the snow we had yesterday was the last of the winter – our first winter on the prairie, after a long time living in the Southern state of North Carolina where daffodils come up in February!


This is a portion of the house, which was built around 1900, at least the front part with daffodils barely showing themselves. The back end contains a modern kitchen and “facilities.” No need to run out to the little house out back.
I did that years ago when lots younger, and living in a cabin in the woods in the Adirondack mountains. Occasionally stepping out the back door then, if quiet enough, could watch the deer browsing at the edge of the woods. What an experience that was!

Last week my middle son and I went to a Diversity Fair at the local college, and I asked a few women at the Native American table, which tribe was indigenous to this area. No one knew. I’ll find out, want to include it in my art classes here. I also asked if anyone knew if the Akwesasne News was still being published. Same answer. Sigh.

My ancestors came to this country from the Ukraine. Nevertheless, I was born here, live here, and am curious to know about those who lived here before me, whether of my family, of similar origins or not. Always surprises me to find out my curiosity isn’t universal.
I just “googled” Akwesasne, and found the website; http://www.akwesasne.ca/ Here’s a blurb from the site: “Akwesasne is home to a strong, viable Mohawk Community.” (Unique in that it’s spread across the U.S. and Canada.)
Glad they’re still active, publishing, and inciting.

This picture came from the http://www.AkwesasnePowwow.com website, which you can access directly or from the above one too. And of course I chose a picture with a woman in it! Duh! Proud to be a feminist, who led women’s consciousness-raising groups in the mid-1970’s and taught my own sons and daughters to each be the best they could, ignoring what others thought. (“Harold, this woman’s a left winger hippie,” said Dolores. “Well heck Dolores, don’t read that nonsense, it might be contagious!” –sad to say; this is my brand of humor.)

And last, received a Daffodil story from a friend. When I figure out how to share it with you, will do so. For now, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, enjoy a deep breath of life.