1camera00428 February 2009

Tomorrow Nate and I are taking a 3+ hour drive to the Lake Zurich, Illinois public library to be part of the opening reception of the Photographic Exhibit called I Have a Voice. The photos are absolutely gorgeous, looking at them online. I can’t wait to see the real thing in person.The photos are of babies, children and adults with Down syndrome. I am also curious about my son’s response. I can tell him; see they have Down syndrome just like you, but it hassn’t really meant anything to him. We’ll see if that’s changed.

In the meantime I’ve been thinking more about teaching an art class, and after a long bout surfing the Internet, I am considering teaching dance–to adults with disabilities. Here’s a bit of a blurb from one integrated dance company:

“DanceAbility International’s mission is to encourage the evolution of mixed abilities dance by cultivating a common ground for creative expression for all
people regardless of abilities, economic status, age, or race.”

So okay there’s a small, teeny, tiny disconnect because I would teach adults with disablities, and yet I’ve devoted myself to integrating Nate in every way possible throughout his life. I’m finding Davenport, with a population of merely 100,000 to be oddly behind the times. Keep reading for an example.

When filling out a form to receive Respite services one line said this; Name of developmentally disabled person_________________________. I responded by putting in one of those little upside down “v’s” after the word “of” and then wrote in– person with. Ultimately it read; Name of person with developmental disability. Welcome to people-first language, where we recognize all the different characteristics of a person, beside the fact they may have a disability.

What a lot of work to show people that old habits can be changed and enhance the humanity of others in the meantime. And the locals wonder why the young people graduate high school and then leave the area?

Speaking of dance, have you watched the video on YouTube called- Evolution of Dance (the original and #2). I loved it, and watched both. Oh, must go, the television show on PBS; As Time Goes By, is back on after a fundraising break, and I need the laughs. Wishing you some good belly laughs too…