Angel carrying the world?

14 February 2009

I’m sitting and musing about the things we do and the choices we make and how they  come about. Is it because:

a) based on all available data, we pick a particular path to explore (fate), or

b) the path is before us (chance), so how can we not pick it? or

c) it’s chosen for us by the Universe, or some heavenly body, like an angel?

Today in this staid little town of Davenport, Iowa, a group of artists and I, who’d exhibited our best products at a Valentine’s Craft Show and Sale, were left a bit off-kilter and disappointed. Why? Well, there hadn’t been much traffic, and the sales didn’t add up to much at all. We stood around analyzing, and repeating; it’s the economy. And yet I came away after we’d brainstormed and shared thoughts, feeling better. If I didn’t make much money, I decided, I still made out.  I’d inadvertently found a few artisans well worth knowing and working alongside. I think these women are winners and I like knowing we will try to help each other.

So now, was it inadvertent, or heaven sent? Don’t have an answer. Today’s events were not disastrous, yet good came of it. Unlike the burglary in my home, and the stealing of my computer- what if anything can be said that’s good as a result I cannot begin to fathom. People tell me, have patience, the police will find your laptop, or have patience you’ll get past feeling wronged, or have patience…

Did I truly need another lengthy lesson in patience? I already have daily lessons given free of charge that come from living with my adult son who was born with Down Syndrome!

For those of you who may be applying one of the three possible answers listed above to this son’s arrival in our family; I’ll have to muddy the waters a little. We adopted him. Maybe more correctly; I adopted him for the long haul, what his father did is questionable since he’s bailed out of Nate’s life- the coward. Well you can tease apart the fact that we heard about his birth, had already decided to adopt a baby with Down Syndrome, and that our Nate happened to be THE ONE; either on purpose, by accident or by some stroke of a heavenly pen.

I think I’ve managed to confuse myself again. But then this whole notion of how things happen that have such weighty import on our lives- leaves me feeling like I’ve been floundering in a maze,  flinging myself through blind alleys, and only occasionally getting a peek at the way to the heart of the matter.

Aha! The heart of the matter, on Valentine’s Day no less. Sheesh. I can’t believe I’ve come up with such a trite ending. Oh well, it was the naughty angel who forced me to… (you finish this however you like!)