A card I made recently
25 January 2009
Rowan Isaac, my only grandchild celebrated his third birthday two days ago.

For me a  birthday is an opportunity to pause and think about the past, and the future. Yesterday a discussion became very close to a shouting match, all because tempers flared, emotions became engaged. The people involved felt threatened.

A discussion of the war between Israel and Hamas was going on around the table and I dared to speak my pacifist views, about opposing ALL wars, not just this one. Perhaps I started on the wrong foot by bringing up the one piece of news footage I’ve looked at recently; a doctor who is not Jewish but works in Israel, well respected by colleagues, lost 3 daughters and a niece to a bomb that exploded on/in his house due to the suspicion of shooting coming from his home.

Look I was born and raised a Jew and actively practice my Judaism. I love it, and I taught it to my children, and will help my grandson to learn about this part of himself too.

I’m also a woman, have given birth a number of times, to babies both alive and not. I have presided over many, MANY fights, arguments, and disagreements, between my growing children. It is easy to slap a child. I imagine it’s as easy to press a button and let loose a bomb.

It’s a lot harder to make peace. That future I reflected on and noted in the beginning of this post? I worry about the world Rowan Isaac will inherit from us when he is grown.

My main argument yesterday was this: war has been fought between Israel and neighboring countries for over 50 years, so when will it end?
I have a saying I’ve learned to appreciate over the years: If you do the same thing over and over again, why would you expect different results now?
If the Middle Eastern countries continue to fight wars, will there ever be a different ending than more war? When I was asked how I would propose making peace occur, I said I’m not an expert, but wouldn’t talking together help?

“They” agreed I was not an expert. I left early.

I will continue to TALK PEACE.